dimanche 3 avril 2011

Henry Darger

Version française : Henry Darger

What a magnificence this book is !
The black frame, practically lacquered, on which are laid Henry Darger's journal and drawings, gives thanks to this ambiguous work, a series of innumerable drawings, absolute horrific tale.
The large format, the density, everything makes this work an inescapable book.

It is divided in many parts in which Klaus Biesenbach analyses, beyond the american context, the influence of Darger on several contemporary artists and the parallels who could be made between their works.

Brooke Davis Anderson then studied with much more intelligence and in a practically surgical way the work of Darger, his steady practice, his collections, his techniques...

Michael Bonesteel, followed by Carl Watson introduced the pieces of writings of Darger by a biography which enlights many aspects of his atypical work, emphasizing the cracks and pains of his creator, his relationship with God, his childhood and elements.

In extension, a few pages of History of my Life are presented in their original form. These texts are reproduced with much care and authenticity. These journals, added to the many drawings, form an harmonious whole of Darger's works, in a same creative continuity.

The book then encloses on a short selection of past exhibitions and a brief bibliography.

A nice piece of work.

- Monsieur -

Translated by Mademoiselle

Henry Darger to Klaus Biesenbach, Prestel publishers (2009)

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