dimanche 10 avril 2011

Disney Parade

Version en français : Disney parade

For many children thoughout the world, Christmas time echoes to the magic of Disney.
It does no harm just this once, we took this opportunity to present two short videos.
They've been circulating on the Internet for many years, under so many latitudes and languages that it is really difficult to find out where they're coming from : anonymity and reappropriation are common on the Internet and unusual to us, since we're governed by the notion of copyright.

The message is spreading, isn't that the most important ?

It seems to us that we've found the oldest versions (the first one dates from June 2008, the second one from August 2008).

Unfortunately, we only have two pseudonyms to salute the hard work of documentalist and passionate these two interesting montages represent :

Walt Disney se répète !
envoyé par lesfousdelacam.

Ressemblance entre Disney - Envoyé par universdisney

Disturbing tribute, reflection of the work in the cartoon industry, astonishing recycling of « characters » and movements ? Many reflections and questions in perspective...

- Monsieur -

Translated by Mademoiselle

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